What’s on your mind?


1. Do you install products we bought elsewhere?
Answer: Here at Hardy & Jensen Inc. we take pride in our products and installation so we only install the products we sell.

2. What should I do to prepare my home before the installation takes place?
Answer: If possible, take all blinds and curtains down. Remove any objects hanging from the exterior walls as they tend to vibrate and are at risk of falling. We understand not everyone is capable of doing this but it makes the installation process that much smoother. It also minimizes the chance of your blinds and/or curtains from getting damaged.

3. Does your company install windows and doors during the winter months?
Answer: Yes, and actually it’s the best time to buy as the winter months are usually slower so you tend to get better deals and shorter lead times. As long as it’s not 20 below and a blizzard we will be out there working.

4. Is condensation on the exterior of the glass common?
Answer: Yes, condensation on the outside of windows is a good sign that your windows are functioning correctly. It means that your windows are preventing warmth from the reaching the outside glass. You can simply wait for the sun to come out and dry up all the moisture. The condensation will dissipate when the outside temperature rises.

5. How do I know if I have double pane or triple pane glass?
Answer: Simply put a flashlight or light a lighter/match next to the glass and count how many reflections you see.

6. Do you repair/replace glass on older single pane windows?
Answer: No, we would recommend calling a glass replacement company such as Greene Glass.