“We Don’t Want To Be Embarrassed At The Local Supermarket”

Local Brothers Run This Home Improvement Company The Right Way With Honesty, Integrity And Respect For This Community

Hardy & Jensen Integrity

A Message From Owner Dennis Hardy:

I started this Hardy & Jensen Window & Door Store more than 20 years ago with Edward Jensen, and I’m proud to say we have never gone out of business, changed our name, and have always conducted our business with integrity.

Ed has since retired, but now 2 of my brothers co-own the business with me. We agree on the fundamental values of this company.

For example, we still have an “old-fashioned” belief in serving the community. Just like a community needs good doctors, teachers, store owners, and all kinds of services, it also needs good, honest contractors.

This means we consider it a calling to provide the best quality home improvement in Racine, and surrounding areas… at a fair price. We think it is an honorable profession, no more or less deserving of respect than any other professional contribution done with integrity.

Of course, it is not enough to talk about “old school” values when you actually are a part of the community. We have to deliver it or we will get called on it (and rightfully so). We live here, raise kids here, shop here, and go to church here. We never put ourselves in a position where we feel like we need to hide or be embarrassed in our own community about the work our company has done.

In other words, we will never be ashamed to run into you at the local supermarket after we have completed a remodeling project for you. This is where our roots are – we can’t do shoddy work and pack up the next day for the next town.

Hardy & Jensen Window & Door Store was built the old-fashioned way: by treating each and every customer’s home as if it was our own, and making sure every job is done right the first time. This is how we built a reputation in Wisconsin and the surrounding suburbs for superb quality.

We’d be honored if you give us a call to schedule your free consultation on an upcoming home project.