Glass Rooms Expertly Installed for Homeowners in the Caledonia, WI, Area

Glass Rooms Caledonia WIGlass rooms are a popular product among Caledonia, Wisconsin, homeowners who enjoy spending time outside but do not enjoy the UV rays, insects, and windblown debris that come with it. Glass rooms provide homeowners and their families with a substantial amount of additional living space in which they can enjoy the views around their homes while remaining protected from outdoor nuisances, making them the ideal place to host parties, relax with a good book after a long day of work, enjoy a hot tub, and more.

The finest glass rooms in the Caledonia, WI, area are installed by Hardy & Jensen Window & Door Store. These structures are manufactured by Four Seasons Sunrooms and are highly customizable, allowing homeowners to choose a product that meets their unique aesthetic and functional requirements. For example, you can select from several options for your glass room’s style and size to ensure that it blends with the existing construction of your home. We also offer a number of choices for the roof, door, and finish. For the room’s interior, you can choose from three kinds of materials:

  • Extruded aluminum – An extruded aluminum interior maximizes your glass room’s viewing area and also offers virtually unparalleled strength.
  • Wood – A wood interior allows your sunroom to be painted or stained to get the exact look you’ve envisioned and also created an inviting atmosphere.
  • Vinyl – A vinyl interior will allow your sunroom to resist chipping, rotting, cracking, and peeling, making it very durable.

Furthermore, several of our glass rooms can be used year-round, so we are sure to have a product that will meet your needs and may even improve your home’s value.

Contact Hardy & Jensen Window & Door Store today to learn more about the features of the industry-leading glass rooms we install at homes in Caledonia, WI.