Stylish and Durable Metal Siding for Homeowners in and Around Racine, WIMetal Siding Racine WI

Homeowners who are in the market for metal siding in the Racine, Wisconsin, area should look no further than Handy & Jensen Window & Door Store. We install premium steel house siding that mimics the appearance of real wood while requiring none of the maintenance. Our metal siding will enhance your home’s curb appeal for years to come, all while providing unparalleled protection from the elements.

House Siding That Presents Low-Maintenance Beauty

Manufactured by Quality Edge, the TruCedar® metal siding we install provides the authentic look of wood without any of its tedious maintenance requirements. While traditional wood cladding requires scraping and repainting to look its best, our metal siding can endure sunshine, rain, wind, and snow without ever looking ragged or worn out.  And, because this siding product requires virtually no maintenance, you can sit back and enjoy your new house siding stress-free for years to come.

To ensure that our products meet the unique aesthetic preferences of Racine area homeowners, we install several different styles of metal siding, including:

  • Shake Sidewall
  • Board and Batten 6” and 10”
  • Single 6” and 8”
  • Single 6” Dutch Lap
  • Double 4”

No matter which style siding you choose, you will also be able to select from numerous colors, many of which capture the warm, inviting look of woods such as birch, cedar, and spruce. Due to the innovative SunMaster50® paint system used during manufacturing, every one of these colors resist fading over time. When you trust Hardy & Jensen to install metal siding, you can rest assured that your home will possess an updated, modern appearance for years to come.

Metal Siding With Cost-Saving Features

Much like any other home improvement project, decisions regarding house siding often come down to the question of cost. Beautiful products matter very little if their price point places them squarely out of reach. Metal siding, especially high-end steel siding like TruCedar®, typically costs slightly more than its vinyl or fiber cement counterparts. However, metal siding also possesses numerous features that can save you money down the line.

Our steel house siding resists:

  • Warping, shrinking, and corrosion, maintaining its solid and beautiful profile for years without the need for costly repairs or replacements
  • Combustion, improving your home’s fire resistance and helping to protect your most precious asset in the face of disaster
  • Moisture, defending your walls from expensive mold and mildew growth while protecting your family from negative health effects
  • Inclement weather, standing strong against damaging precipitation and windborne debris without need for subsequent repairs

At Hardy & Jensen, we strive to present homeowners like you with a fair cost for all of our services. More than that, though, we understand the long-term importance of durable, reliable products. As a locally-owned and –operated company, we know we serve our neighbors when we install house siding. This is why we only install the same kind of metal siding we’d trust on our own homes. You deserve a beautiful, durable product protecting your house. Our TruCedar® steel siding is that product.

Installation Services You Can Trust

When you choose Hardy & Jensen Window & Door store to install your house siding, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen proven professionals. Since 1992, we have provided industry-leading home improvement products and services. Our specially-trained and highly-experienced technicians go the extra mile to make sure every one of our projects is completed perfectly, down to the last piece of metal siding installed on your home. Today, as the longest continuous same-ownership business in the area, we take great pride in the extensive knowledge and experience we have gained over the years. This same experience allows us to carry out every aspect of your house siding installation seamlessly, from conception to completion.

To learn how to have our TruCedar® metal siding installed on your home in the Racine, WI, area, contact Hardy & Jensen Window & Door Store today.