As A ‘Family-Owned, Quality-First’ Company, We Simply Won’t Tolerate Anything Less Than Best Quality Work At Fair Prices.

  • We Insist On Superior Products With ‘Best-In-Class’ Warranties.
  • Our Experienced Crews Deliver The Perfect Installation
  • Hands-On Owners Make Sure We Meet The Absolute Highest Standards

We Do Business This Way Because We Don’t Just Serve This Community—
We Are A Part Of It.

Finding a good, honest home improvement company in Racine and Kenosha is a harder task than it should be. We’ve all heard the horror stories – you might even have experienced one or two yourself. Jobs that go on forever. Final invoices that come in way above quote. Shoddy workmanship that requires multiple calls to get fixed… if it gets fixed at all.

We’re different. At Hardy & Jensen Window & Door Store, honest home improvement at a fair price is our mission. Just like a community needs good doctors, bankers, and teachers, it needs ethical contractors, too. Our family owners (3 brothers) are a part of this community. They shop here, go to church here, and have raised kids here. For 20+ years, we have built a valuable reputation that we would never risk damaging with substandard work or inferior products.

Of course, we do more than just talk about our values. We put them into action with specific promises:

We Find The Best Products Of Their Kind And Offer Them To Our Customers. For example, we are a Four Seasons Sunroom dealer because we consider these sunrooms to be the ‘gold standard.’ We know that when we install them properly, we are not going to get a bunch of callbacks in 5, 10, or 20 years having to do with defective products.

You Will Get An Outstanding Warranty You Can Rely On. Because we select products very carefully, there is rarely a warranty issue. But if a concern does arise, we partner with manufacturers who have been in business for a long time and have a track record of honoring their promises.

We Won’t Use High Pressure Sales Tactics. Inflated discounts, “bait-and-switch” tactics, and pressuring people into something they don’t want is a recipe for an unhappy ending for all involved. We won’t do it. We educate you on your options, answer questions, and then you decide.

We Deliver Value. If you want the lowest price ‘no-matter-what,’ Hardy-Jensen is not the right choice. We are the right choice if you want a company with premium, durable products installed by experts at a reasonable price.

Please explore this website to learn more about our products, our promises, and our commitment to our community. Then if you want to talk to us, we’d be honored if you gave us a call to get a free consultation and quote.