Preservation Siding Will Transform The Look Of Your Home… And Requires Virtually ZERO Maintenance

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This Is High-Performance Premium Siding

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Experienced Installation
  • Energy-Efficient Options

New siding transforms the overall look of your home faster and better than any other home improvement in Racine or Kenosha. This improved look can add value to your home and can eliminate boring maintenance duties like painting.

To get these results, the most important decisions are the quality of the siding and the siding company in Kenosha or Racine that you choose to install it. All the benefits of adding new siding can evaporate if you select flimsy materials that are subject to cracking and fading or pick a company that will let you down.

We recommend Preservation Siding from Alside for most homes.

Here Is What Makes Preservation Siding Better

No Rotting, Warping, Shrinking, Swelling

Preservation Siding is primarily made up of UltraPure vinyl resin. This outstanding material is the key to its durability – it won’t rot, warp, shrink, or swell. It is also incredibly easy to clean.

No UV Degradation

That gray, weathered look that develops over time with some siding products does not happen with Preservation Siding. It is infused with Ti-Shield titanium dioxide that helps protect it from sun damage from UV rays.

Better Impact Resistance

With some siding, leaning a ladder against your home and other everyday bumps lead to denting and cracking. While no vinyl siding in Racine or Kenosha can claim to withstand every impact, you will not have to worry about denting from everyday bumps. In fact, it is built to withstand hail, sleet, and debris during severe windstorms.

Colors That Stay Rich

This siding has the wide variety of color choice that can match any home. And once you select a color, you will never have to stain or paint this siding to maintain the color. Preservation Siding uses a special process to produce uniform color that goes all the way through the panel. This means that wind and weather can’t wash the color away, because it is consistent throughout.

Energy Efficiency

You can make your home more energy efficient and save money every month with options available with Preservation Siding. We can install ClimaShield insulating underlayment to make your home more comfortable and your monthly bills less.

Lifetime Warranty

If you know Hardy & Jensen Window & Door Store’s reputation, you know we only offer products that come backed with the best warranties from companies that are proven. Alside, the manufacturer of Preservation Siding, is one of the largest and best respected exterior companies and they have been around for 65+ years.

The Hardy & Jensen Inc. Way — No Sales Pressure & Guaranteed High-Quality Installation

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We are a family-owned, family-run company. The siding industry is sometimes associated with high-pressure sales, low-quality materials, and sloppy installation. We have built a reputation as the outstanding local home improvement company for Racine and Kenosha because we refuse to operate that way.

During your initial consultation, we give you a concise siding education and answer all your questions. One thing we will not do is apply sales pressure. We know customers hate this way of doing business, and we aren’t comfortable with it either.

If you do decide to contract us to be your siding company in Kenosha or Racine, you will find our installation process is all about attention to detail. Sloppy installation only leads to problems and headaches later. Our experienced crews know that we have been around since 1992 because we do it right the first time. No home improvement company can stay in business for 20+ years unless they have a commitment to the highest installation standards.

Siding Consultation And Estimate

Siding Consultation And Estimate

Before you make a decision on siding, contact us. Our years of experience will give you the knowledge to make a decision you are comfortable with. There is no-obligation, so setting up an appointment is risk-free.