What Type of Replacement Windows Should I Choose?Types of Replacement Windows

If you’re considering replacing your windows, you’ve likely already discovered the multitude of window materials available. You might even find yourself asking, what type of replacement windows I should choose? Read on to learn more about the particular strengths possessed by the different types of replacement windows.

Vinyl Windows

Properly insulated vinyl-framed replacement windows can increase a home’s energy efficiency, and they require very little maintenance. As vinyl lacks the strength of some other materials, vinyl windows can require earlier replacement. However, a high-end vinyl window can retain its beautiful appearance and structural integrity for many years.

Wood Windows

Since wood possesses exceptional natural insulating values, wood-framed replacement windows perfectly suit homes in cooler climates. Beautiful grains also boost curb appeal and perfectly accentuate interior décor. In order to make the most of this beautiful and energy efficient material, homeowners need to conduct regular window maintenance, making them perfect for homeowners willing to invest a bit of effort for an extraordinary product.

Wood Clad Windows

Wood-clad windows combine the elegant appearance and exceptional insulating properties of natural wood with the low-maintenance durability of vinyl. Exterior frames and sills constructed from weather-resistant vinyl protect your home without requiring intensive maintenance. Meanwhile, these replacement windows put rich whorls of wood grain on full display inside your home.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum-framed replacement windows offer homeowners unparalleled strength, with the ability to withstand potentially extreme weather. What aluminum windows lack in insulation, they make up for in resistance to water and sun damage. This makes these replacement windows ideal for homeowners who value long-lasting strength and also for those with multi-story homes.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass-framed replacement windows offer truly unparalleled strength, durability, and energy efficiency. Fiberglass possesses an incredibly high melting point, which prevents these windows from warping in the sun. Their high density also helps these windows resist inclement weather and increases the insulation in your home. Best of all, fiberglass replacement windows take stains and finishes incredibly well, which allows for a wider range of customization options.

Whatever your choice when it comes to replacement windows, Hardy & Jensen Window & Door store can install the perfect replacement windows for you. Contact us today to learn more about the different windows we install for homeowners like you in Racine, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas.